My name ’s Anusast Laochoom. I've worked as a professional musician who played for a famous artist in Thailand.


Until the day I started to shoot Street Photography since 2015 by the introduction of the elder musician, I'm passionate about this and made me to see the world in what I've never seen before. Meet people, learn a wide variety of art and photography, and I've got to know more about it today.


What I have always been looking for, it's like the time when I'm playing music on the stage. I will look for light colours even those interesting people from the stage. So I used these to assemble a photo.


Series "Spotlight"  at Eyeshot - Street Photography Magazine - 2020

Series ""White Gown Warriors" (COVID-19) - 2020


2019 Finalists - Miami Street Photography Festival

2020 Finalists - Italian Street Photo Festival


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